Susie Denegree - Owner & Trainer at Fog City Fit Club

Susie Denegree - Owner & Trainer at Fog City Fit Club


Our founder, Susie Denegree spent over a decade working in front of a computer screen in the hectic world of advertising and nearly another in the emotionally exhausting field of animal welfare. She was burnt out and decided it was time to make a serious life change. 

Susie's been active pretty much since she could walk and has always thrived on the feeling of being strong and healthy, so she decided she should share her enthusiasm with as many people as possible. Getting involved in the fitness industry just made sense! In 2010, after encouragement from a close friend and gym owner, Susie became a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and began her new life as a trainer. She hasn't looked back since!

Being a San Francisco native and huge fan of the city, she enjoys being able to work pretty much anywhere. Her clients love it too!


In addition to being physically fit, nutrition has always been very important to Susie, particularly after becoming vegan in 2009. She learned to pay special attention to make sure she's getting enough of the nutrients needed to perform at her best, and these days, is performing better than ever!

Susie took an interest in cooking initially to make sure she knew exactly what she was putting into her body, but along the way discovered she's actually a pretty good cook! She even began a vegan recipe blog so that she can share delicious and healthy recipes with everyone.

Naturally, Susie decided to study to become a NASM-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Armed with that knowledge, she's better equipped to guide her clients to a more healthy way of eating in addition to physical fitness, whether vegan or not! 


The idea for Fog City Fit Club came about when Susie was training in the gym and started to notice a long-time client losing motivation. She suggested they take their workout outdoors once in a while to mix it up. Well, her client loved it! Her excitement and energy was restored, she wanted more and more of her sessions outside and she began to exceed her fitness goals! Two years later, Susie still can't get her back inside! There's just something about breathing the fresh, clean air, taking in the city's amazing views and getting a great workout at the same time that people, including Susie, respond well to! 

Being a Mobile Personal Trainer means Susie trains her clients anywhere and everywhere in San Francisco. Whether they want a bootcamp-style workout at Kezar Stadium, a challenging session utilizing the infamous Lyon Street steps, a scenic run along the waterfront or a traditional heavy lifting session in the gym, she's game! 

Susie considers having fun part of the job! 

Susie considers having fun part of the job!